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EMS Overdoses

This data is derived from the Alabama Department of Public Health’s (ADPH) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) database. This data represents overdose-related EMS incidents in Alabama. The data only includes EMS incidents where the EMS provider evaluated a patient and listed an overdose-related ICD-10 code (i.e., T36-T50) as their impression of the patient and/or as one of the patient’s symptoms. The counts provided may not be indicative of state, county, and/or city totals due to the potential for underreporting by EMS agencies. Underreporting can occur for various reasons, including software-related issues.

The visualization displays summary data only to protect identifiable information. To further safeguard identifiable information, summary data must have a minimum of 10 occurrences.

Interactive Data

Use the data panes below to interact with the Alabama Drug Use CDR data.